Chargemaster + OneParter

one partner

Chargemaster has partnered with One Partner to provide Finance for our EV Charging Solutions. One Partner are renowned for bringing New Zealand borrowers and lenders together through innovative technology, strategic partnerships and unparalleled loan acquisition and management expertise.

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Why One Partner?

When it comes to finance borrowers want a lending experience that’s straight-forward, fast, friendly and backed by a wealth of experience. With a pioneering finance system One Partner offers a super slick online experience that helps streamline every bit of the process.

The One Partner lending team is highly skilled at loan assessment and structuring quality lending for the needs of individual borrowers which makes them the perfect fit for our valued Chargemaster customers.

the benefits

slick application

One Partner offer a slick application process, they're focused on one core objective: how to make the experience a breeze for their customers. On all devices, at all times – completing an application quickly and with no fuss, sets the scene for a stellar experience.

quick verification

Printing, signing and scanning documents can be a daunting process. Meet VERIFIED: One Partners real-time identity confirmation App. Designed for AML/CFT compliance and to deliver the kind of ease that customers rave about, VERIFIED uses AI to analyse images to determine if someone’s identity is authentic. Just login, snap a picture, confirm and send. Done in 60 seconds.

stellar customer support

Immediacy is the word. Who has time to wait for an answer these days? The One Partner ChatBot 'Jamie' is on the job immediately, with helpful info and answers to a broad range of questions borrowers have when applying for finance.

providing the perfect match

One Partner work with a host of lending specialists including MVF (Motor Vehicle Finance). With a 95% approval rate they deliver the quickest turnaround times and the easiest experience. Whatever your needs One Partner will find the right match for you.

innovative technology & strategic partnerships
working with top lending specialists

Since 2014, we have facilitated over $300,000,000 in lending and have worked with over 25,000 borrowers. In that time, we’ve have established leading online brands and strategic partnerships with highly regarded partners including the Heartland Bank, Marac, Oxford Finance, Avanti Finance and NZCU.

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