ChargeFox Software

ChargeFox have become Australia and New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing open EV charging network – managing more than 100,000 charging sessions over 800 plugs across both countries.

The ChargeFox management software lets you track, manage, and optimise electric car charging, wherever you may be.  We’ve helped councils, businesses, retailers and developers install and manage stations.

Real-time data, 24/7

Chargemaster are certified to help with the commissioning of chargers with ChargeFox capability, interpretation and analysis of live dashboard data, monitoring of chargers and identifying functionality issues. We make it as simple and straight forward as possible and are there to guide you through each step of the way.

How it works?

The ChargeFox app is available on iTunes and Android, allowing drivers to quickly and easily find a charger and pay for a charging session.

The app also shows what plug types are at each charging station, and if the station is in use or available – in real time.

ChargeFox has partnerships with a range of car manufacturers, making sure Australians and New Zealanders can buy an EV with confidence it’s backed by the extensive ChargeFox network.

Chargemasters monitoring and maintenance services of all ChargeFox’s control systems are available on a subscription basis. Through this service, we are available 24/7 online and via phone. We are able to conduct live monitoring of all charging stations and provide addition training services at your request. Alongside our partners, we continue to work on making the process of charging simple for everyone.

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What you can expect with ChargeFox?

Why businesses choose to use ChargeFox.

Industry Leading App

With over 6,000 users, and easily downloadable from iTunes and Google app stores, the Chargefoxapp is the easiest way for an EV driver to find your station.

Data Security

We take data security seriously, and have put in place additional measures to ensure privacy of data remains secure at all times.

Maps Integration

All our station locations are integrated with Google Maps as well as the in car navigation systems of more than 70% of vehicles.

ChargeFox Manufacturer Partnerships

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