Commercial Charging Solutions

If you are considering installing EV chargers at your business, commercial premises or apartment complex; Chargemaster is able to provide specialised EV charging stations.

Alternatively, if you are looking to electrify a fleet of vehicles, it is important that you have the right charging stations so that your vehicles are ready go whenever you may need them.

Chargemaster can work alongside you to create a turn-key solution, from helping you choose the most suitable charging equipment, to having them professionally installed. For commercial usage, we offer a full range of Smart Charging solutions with ongoing support for remote monitoring, billing integration, usage reporting, issue resolution and customer support.

Chargemaster recommends using dedicated Type-2 Open-Socket Smart Charging solutions for business, commercial premises and apartment buildings. Smart Chargers come in 7.4kW (single phase) and 22kW (three phase) sizes. Residential homes typically have a single-phase connection. Commercial business and apartment complexes typically have three- phase connection. Our Open-Socket charging solutions can used with any EV and will future-proof the stations for newer vehicles to come. We also have fixed charging solutions with either a Type-1 or Type-2 connection.

Using a Smart Charger enables Dynamic Load Management (DLM), an automatic sharing of the available electricity capacity, optimising a property’s charging load so that electricity is evenly distributed to all vehicles being charged simultaneously. Additionally, charging will also occur at full volume whenever there is enough capacity.

We have electrical partners with nationwide coverage. Wherever you are in New Zealand, our electricians are able to assess your site and provide a cost-effective solution. Upon approval, our electricians will handle all preventative maintenance and install your stations safely at a time that works for you.

How can electric vehicle charging benefit my business?

  • Future-proof your business, apartment dwellings or commercial premises. For those looking for a point of difference and to be well equipped for future EV expansion and uptake.
  • Destination charging — by providing charging stations EV owners are attracted to your business, resulting in increased foot traffic.
  • Support your brand values. Demonstrate sustainability and environmental awareness with practical applications!
  • Automatic reimbursement. Ensure that you are reimbursed for the entire cost of a charging session by integrating billing software.

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