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Why purchase an EV?

The running costs of battery electric vehicles (BEV) are considerably less than petrol/diesel cars. Maintenance costs are low due to the fact that electric vehicle motors have few moving parts.

The future is looking green. The electrification of transport is one way in which we can help address the issues of climate change. Electric vehicles emit 80% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol vehicle when being driven in New Zealand because electricity generated here is typically at least 80% renewable (the main sources being hydro, geothermal and wind).

Battery vehicles emit 60% fewer climate change emissions over their full life cycle than petrol vehicles, even when you take into account raw material extraction, battery manufacture, vehicle manufacture and shipping. 

Safety + Speed

These are the two key aspects when thinking about electric vehicle chargers in your home or business. Safety, because electricity needs to be managed by certified professionals. Speed, as this is what you want from an electric vehicle charger.

Chargemaster makes the process of purchasing an electric vehicle charger easy. We will manage the pre-inspection audit of your home or business, ensuring your existing capacity can handle the load. Our team will work with you to create a dynamic solution that is best suited for your charging needs. We will also manage the installation process of hard wiring the units, giving you assurance that your charging stations are compliant with New Zealand electric guidelines.

Providing you with a complete turn-key solution; plug into the present today with Chargemaster. Your place for everything electric.

Our Installations

Residential Charging

If you are considering installing an electric vehicle charger within your home, you need to be aware of your existing electrical usage, connection capacity and future charging needs.

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Commercial Charging

If you are considering installing EV chargers at your business, commercial premises or apartment complex; Chargemaster is able to provide specialised EV charging stations.

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Public Charging

As the uptake of EV's continues to rise, public charging stations are in high demand. However, there are factors that need to be considered when assessing potential charging station sites.

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Charging Infrastructure

We recommended that all of our products are subject to annual inspection. The durability and integrity of our products will ensure they need minimal maintenance.

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EVlink Wallbox (Type 2 - Key)
EVlink Wallbox (Type 2 - Key)
Regular price $1,546.00 Excl. GST
EVlink Wallbox - 7.4kW - T2 Attached - Key

Range  EVlink
Product Name  EVlink Wallbox
Product Type Charging Station
Mounting Mode Wall-mounted
Rated Supply Voltage

220...240V AC 50/60 Hz

Max Power

7.4 kW 32 A 222...240 V

Access Control System Key
Socket-outlet  1
Product Certifications CB, CE
Sustainable Offer Status Green Premium Product 

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I ordered a car charging cable from Chargemaster and was impressed by their excellent customer service. They offered expert advice, delivered my order quickly with excellent follow-up. I recommend them!

Tomas Kriha

Chargemaster have a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of products. Their quality products and friendly team make them an easy choice for us when it's time to upgrade our charging infrastructure, and we are more than happy to recommend them to any of our EV family when they are looking for charging solutions.

Genuine Vehicle Imports

EV vehicles are here and being driven as we speak. If EV is looking to be part of your future strategy. Add to your cost a chargemaster installation for home. Short term cost for long term effective and efficient savings.

Harry Marii