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Want to install an EV fast charger at your home or a series of electric car charging points for business use? Or do you need a replacement EV charger cable that's right for New Zealand's electricity supply? We're leading the charge for EV charging in New Zealand.
Why drive an EV?

In New Zealand, an electric vehicle emits 80% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol vehicle because more than 80% of New Zealand's electricity is generated from renewable sources (hydro, wind and geothermal). This means the environment benefits of driving EVs are greater here than in most other countries.

Even when you take into account raw material extraction, battery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and shipping, battery vehicles still offer significant advantages over ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. Over their full life cycle, EVs emit 60% fewer climate change emissions than petrol vehicles.

Additionally, the running cost of a battery-only EV is considerably less than a petrol, diesel or hybrid car. The cost of charging an EV is equivalent to paying 30c per litre for petrol. What's more, EV maintenance costs are low because electric motors have few moving parts.

If you need any more reasons to switch from ICE to EV, just take an electric vehicle for a spin. They are a pleasure to drive - smooth, quiet and fast.

Why Chargemaster?

Like you, we're committed to shrinking New Zealand's carbon footprint by being part of the EV revolution. Chargemaster is a locally-owned business that believes electric mobility is the future. Our up-to-date knowledge of EV products and logistics expertise ensures a consistent supply of technology from leading charger and cable suppliers.

We enable EV owners to choose and install suitable fast chargers at their homes, so their vehicles are rapidly ready for use. And a mainstay of our operation is providing and installing charging points for business or commercial applications. Additionally, we are the go-to place for EV charging cables of all types.

By choosing to enhance your EV life with our products and installation services, you're contributing to the future of sustainable transportation for New Zealand.

Choosing & Installing EV Chargers

EV Home Charger

If you want the best EV charger for your home, Chargemaster can help. A pre-sales site check will consider existing electrical usage, connection capacity and future charging needs.

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Commercial EV Chargers

Chargemaster can recommend and supply appropriate EV charging stations for installation at your commercial premises, apartment complex or community facility.

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Public EV Chargers

As more NZ drivers choose to switch to EVs, public charging stations are increasingly important Chargemaster can help with pre-installation site checks, product choice, installation and software management.

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EV Charger & Cable Checks

For safety and maximum uptime, we recommend that chargers and cables purchased from Chargemaster are inspected annually, and maintained or repaired as required.

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Wallbox Pulsar Plus
Regular price $2,010.00 excluding GST
Type 2 – Type 2 Charging Cable
Regular price $375.00 excluding GST

Our Customers


Our experience with Chargemaster was easy, straightforward and was responsive to any queries particularly regarding safety & electrical requirements, and charging times of vehicles in relation to various EV models. The electrical team provided a fast, accurate and informative service throughout the installation process. We would use their services again.

Ministry of Health NZ

Chargemaster have a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of products. Their quality products and friendly team make them an easy choice for us when it's time to upgrade our charging infrastructure, and we are more than happy to recommend them to any of our EV family when they are looking for charging solutions.

Genuine Vehicle Imports

Chargemaster gave great advice on the product I would need and after-sale customer support was excellent. They arranged for installation of the unit and had no problem providing me with a longer cable after I decided I needed it. A minor fault with the unit was sorted out quickly and without any hassle or extra cost, and they were happy to talk me through using the app even after hours. I would recommend Chargemaster for anyone looking to install a home EV charging unit. The Wallbox does just what I need. Thanks!

Wal Thompson

Thanks Chargemaster for your superb and quick service to provide portable chargers.
The turnaround time and advice was excellent. I recommend Chargemaster to anyone in need of advice and supply of EV charging.

Leigh Bedford

I ordered a wrong cable. It was 100% my mistake but I emailed the Chargemaster to replace it to a correct cable [ type 2 to type 1 ] if possible. Surprisingly a quick reply email was sent by Chargemaster and the prompt action was taken place. No extra cost to replace it. I am really happy with the customer services. Highly recommended!

Koichi Tomita