Commercial EV Charging Solutions

An ever-growing number of New Zealand businesses recognise the benefits of installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations. Some are switching their fleets to electric vehicles, while others are boosting employee retention and attracting customers by installing smart user-pays charging stations.

We have commercial EV charging solutions to suit all kinds of applications, including:

• Companies that need EV fleet charging

• Apartment complexes

• Commercial property investors

• Small to large-scale employers

• Short-stay accommodation providers, such as hotels and motels

Chargemaster makes commercial EV charging station installation straight-forward

We offer a nationwide one-stop-shop service using trained and qualified electrical partners, guided by our extensive knowledge and experience.

• We discuss your current and future needs, including the benefits you want to achieve

• One of our electrical partners visits your premises to assess the existing electrical supply and distribution systems, as well as potential charging station locations

• We recommend the best electric vehicle charging solutions for your situation, then provide indicative installation costs

• If you decide to proceed, our electrical partner takes care of your charging station delivery, installation and commissioning

• We provide any initial training on use of the smart systems; we can also ensure ongoing safety checks and maintenance tasks are completed according to electrical safety regulations

An introduction to commercial electric car charging stations

Most EV owners have a portable slow charger that came with their car. It usually has a standard household 3-pin plug and is rated to a maximum power output of 2.4 kilowatts (2.4kW). This is often referred to as a ‘back-up AC charger’ or a ‘Mode 2 charger’. It can take 6 to 24 hours to fully charge the car’s battery, depending on how low it was to start with and the battery’s overall capacity or size.

For commercial applications, we recommend dedicated Mode 3 AC charging stations. These typically have a 7.4kW (single phase) or 22kW (three phase) power rating. They’re known as a ‘fast AC EV charger’. Most homes have a single phase connection to the street, while commercial premises and apartment complexes typically have the higher capacity 3 phase electric vehicle charging.

What about the different electric car charger types?

There are two types of AC charging plugs for EVs. They’re known as ‘Type 1’ and ‘Type 2’. Each EV make accepts either one or the other. For example, Nissan accepts Type 1 and Hyundai accepts Type 2.


To ensure your commercial charging solution can support both Type 1 and Type 2 EV charging, we recommend installing an open socket Type 2 EV charger. Open socket means it doesn’t have a fixed cable and EV owners bring their own connector, either a Type 2 charging plug to Type 1 charging plug cable, or a Type 2 to Type 2 cable. This also prevents you having to deal with cable damage from misuse. Of course you’re welcome to provide cables, either permanently or on request, if you prefer to do so.

Smart car charging stations for commercial premises

Our range of smart chargers all connect via wi-fi or bluetooth to mobile phones and/or central control units. This enables a range of benefits, such as:

• Remote monitoring and usage reports

• Live charger availability / in-use notification

• Remote user authorisation

• User-pays charging options if required

• Remote diagnostics for timely servicing and minimising downtime

Smart charging solutions can also manage multiple charging points by automatically sharing the available power between them. This can provide a cost-effective alternative to upgrading the electrical capacity of your premises and the supply from the street, in order to charge multiple vehicles at the same time. Even if you’re only installing one charge point initially, this important feature will allow you to add more in the future. Smart chargers can also be set to prioritise charging for low-cost off-peak periods, such as night rates.

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