Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are in the process of electrification, you’re going to need have access to a charging station. The process of charging an electric vehicle is uncomplicated and easy - you simply plug in the cable, swipe your card or turn-key, and your car’s in charging state.

We do understand the complexities though for first-time users, and it might take time for you to adjust to the new experience. This is why it’s essential for every electric vehicle driver to be aware of the availability and accessibility of charging stations in general.

Either you opt to charge at public charging stations, at work, or purchase a charging station of your own. You’ll need the answers to these frequently asked questions about EV charging to be well-prepared for all your future charging experiences.

At home in a private garage / drive way, or at a designated parking spot / shared parking facility (common for apartments).

At work at your office building’s parking facility, either reserved or (semi) public.

In public along streets, on the highway, and at any public parking facility you can think go - e.g. shopping malls, hotels, hospitals etc.

Regular Socket: 6-8 hours

Charging at home through a regular socket would require a specific charging cable that prevents power outage and overheating. In addition, you will also need to make sure the outlet is nearby your car, as you must not use an extension cable to charge your car. Yet even with these precautions taken, charging from a regular outlet is highly discouraged, as most residential homes aren’t wired to carry high electrical draw. Charging times will vary, depending on the power output of your home. For an EV with a range of 120km, you can expect a charging time of around 6-8 hours in New Zealand.

Charging Station: 1-4 hours

A hardwired charger is the most recommended method of car charging. It is the safest method of charging and makes the most efficient use of your car’s and energy source’s (e.g. home or office building) capacity. With a charging station readily available, you’re always ensured of a fully charged car with maximum range, every time you hit the road. A hardwired charging stations can charge up to 8 times faster than a regular outlet. This means than any EV will be fully charged in just 1-4 hours.

Fast Charger: 20 minutes

Fast charging stations are situated throughout New Zealand; most often throughout major cities and highways. Despite being fast (charging in 20-30 minutes_ an average fast charger will only bring an EV up to 80% on a single charging session. Due to the costly equipment and hardware of fast charging stations, these chargers are usually only purchased and built per request by local governments.

The cost of charging an EV is equivalent to buying petrol for 30 cents a litre. The easiest and most affordable way to charging your EV is by plugging it in overnight at home or at work. An overnight charge will cost up to $3 per 100km.  There are

Yes and no. Just like regular electricity outlets, charging stations may have different outlets and connectors depending on which station you are using throughout New Zealand. To make things less complicated, car manufacturers have now reduced the options to just 2 types of outlets and connectors. A Type 1 socket is common for Japanese and American vehicles, and a Type 2 socket is common for European vehicles. Note: all Tesla models have a specific type of socket in New Zealand. Adapters can be purchased for Tesla vehicles, allowing them to be attached to a fixed cable from a charging station.

Charging stations are not disruptive technologies, along with electric cars been remarkably simple to maintain. If charging stations are installed and commissioned properly, every piece of the charger can be easily replaced if a fault were to occur. Annually, Chargemaster will perform a service on the charging station to ensure it is functioning properly. Charging stations with online connectivity also enable remote diagnostics and repair, so you won't be left stranded in the rare event of charger malfunction.

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