Leading the charge for EV home and commercial charging

A vehicle for change

At Chargemaster we see ourselves as a vehicle for change. We want to be part of the world’s solutions, not the world’s problems. By helping New Zealand’s EV owners to charge efficiently at home, at work and on journeys around the country, we’re doing our bit to ensure EVs become mainstream.

New Zealand’s early-adopters have been driving electric cars since 2010, when the first Nissan Leafs arrived from Japan. As successive waves of EV converts hit the roads, driving an EV is becoming as normal as making your toast with an electric toaster.

Electric mobility is the future

Our business is driven by a vision of the future that sees more and more electric vehicles on New Zealand’s roads. The fact that 80% of the electricity used in New Zealand comes from renewable energy – hydropower, geothermal power and wind power – makes driving an EV more logical here than in most other countries. We’re looking forward to the day when every second vehicle is an EV. That isn’t going to happen overnight; it will be a gradual change, hurried along by an ever-increasing choice of EV makes and models.

While New Zealand is settling into becoming a pro-EV country, Chargemaster is committed to helping every EV driver make the most of their investment in the future of motoring. We have the EV home chargers and commercial electric vehicle chargers that make feeding your EV easy. We also have replacement charging cables for most makes of EVs. Our service extends to pre-purchase site checks and full installation of charging units, through our nation-wide electrical partner.

Established in 2016, Chargemaster is a New Zealand family-owned company. As a multi-generational enterprise, Chargemaster is here for the long haul. Our plan is to grow the business in a number of EV directions, as market needs become clear.

We believe electric mobility is the future. At Chargemaster we do things differently, we're on a mission to move transport towards electric. With over 50 years experience in the automotive industry, and a global network of suppliers, we have the capability to meet transport needs.

Our Partners

Laser Electrical

Chargemaster partners with Laser Electrical to provide nationwide pre-installation checks of EV fast charging units, EV charging stations for commercial premises, public EV chargers and industrial fast chargers. Laser is a trusted electrical group with technicians who have specific EV charger product training. Laser technicians meet WorkSafe NZ requirements for all home and commercial EV charger installations.

Before you buy an electric car charger for your home or business premises, we recommend a pre-purchase site check by a Laser Electrical technician to determine electricity capacity, best charger location, and general conditions for charger operating safety and convenience. If you decide to order a charging unit from Chargemaster, the cost of this site check ($155 inc GST) is deducted from the cost of your EV charger installation.

Laser Electrical’s expertise includes installing residential fast chargers, as well as commercial and industrial fast chargers. EV charger options include load management, remote invoicing and reporting capabilities, and credit card or phone app (public) access via the internet. Laser Electrical technicians can also handle VG (Vehicle to Grid) options, where the EV sends power to your house. All Laser Electrical work is guaranteed by their ‘Totally Dependable’ guarantee and fully compliant electrical certifications.

EV chargers require minimal maintenance, however an annual inspection is recommended as listed in WorkSafe NZ guidelines. Laser Electrical provide a 24/7 service for repairs.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Chargemaster, we recognise that we have a role to play towards the electrification of transport throughout Aotearoa. Every day, we work with EV owners and businesses to develop new ideas, solve problems and make EV operation easier for everyone. By being part of the EV solution, we’re assisting New Zealand’s efforts to cut carbon emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuel. We also endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations and supply chain. We do this by choosing to work with partners who share our commitment to sustainability.
Trees That Count

Chargemaster New Zealand is privileged to work alongside 'Trees That Count', an organisation that shares our commitment to the
environment. The team at Trees That Count work tirelessly to leave a legacy that future generations will be thankful for.

For every $1000 spent on an electric vehicle charging station, Chargemaster New Zealand plants 10 trees with ‘Trees That Count’.

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Sustainability Business Network

Chargemaster New Zealand is proud to belong to the Sustainability Business Network. The SBN is New Zealand’s largest, longest-standing sustainable business organisation.

We are devoted to the future of electrical transport, so that Aotearoa can become a more sustainable nation. We’re fully committed to operating our business with integrity and reducing our environmental footprint however we can.

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