• Chargemaster Redeemable Site Assessment
  • Chargemaster Pre-Installation
  • Chargemaster Redeemable Site Assessment
  • Chargemaster Pre-Installation

EV Site Assessment Service

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The easiest way to determine what charger you need is to book a redeemable site assessment with Chargemaster.

Book your site assessment and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time that suits you.

Step 1: Site Assessment
During the site assessment, one of our technicians will visit your property and assess your electrical capacity, the location of the charging station, and any other relevant factors to determine what charger will best suit your needs. We will also consider factors such as your vehicle, charging requirements, and budget.

Step 2: Quote
After the assessment, we will recommend a charger and provide you with a detailed quote for hardware and installation. Once you have received the quote and are ready to proceed, you can request the installation at a time convenient to you.

Step 3: Request Installation 
During the installation, our technician will perform testing and commissioning to ensure the charger is working and meets all safety standards. Our technician will also provide you with the necessary training and support.

For more information, download the Site Assessment Information Brochure.