Chargemaster offers simple and intuitive charging for your residential property.

At Chargemaster we provide various charging options for electric vehicles to meet your residential home and apartment needs. Our charging stations are designed to accommodate all types of EVs and are paired with our advanced software. All our charging equipment is installed and maintained by certified professionals and comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

  • Effortless Charging

    Take charge of your electric vehicle charging experience by installing our residential charging solutions. With our easy-to-use and safe charging stations, you can rely on hitting the road with a fully charged vehicle every time.

  • Smart Charging

    With our software you can have real-time access to your charging station's status, charging history, energy consumption. Available through a portal or app, our software ensures maximum transparency, control, and security, making it the perfect complement to your charging station.

  • Fast Charging

    Our charging stations will allow you to charge up to eight times faster than a standard outlet, offering an efficient charging experience that's secure for your vehicle and home.