Residential Charging Solutions

If you are considering installing an electric vehicle charger within your home, you need to be aware of your existing electrical usage, connection capacity and future charging needs. As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, charging at your home can be the easiest option.

Most electric vehicle owners have a charging unit that plugs directly into a normal domestic socket (230V) however these units will only supply your vehicle with up to 10A of power. As newer vehicles with greater range are introduced to the market, these domestic chargers will not be adequate for sufficient charging. By using a higher-powered electric vehicle charger, you will be able ensure you vehicle is always topped up.

Chargemaster are able to assist with your charging needs, providing you with solutions that will future proof your electrical interests. We offer a no-obligation audit of your home, where our certified electrical partners will analyse your current consumption and connection capacity. After we have performed the pre-inspection of your home, we are then able to provide you with a range of solutions.

*The solution may involve upgrading the existing connection capacity; the connection fuse of your home, and in some cases the distribution transformer.

Chargemaster’s turn-key residential solution encompasses the use of hard-wired charging stations. Smart Charging is the recommended option in most cases. By using a Smart Charging solution (with time control), you will be able to schedule your electric vehicle charging to occur during specific times. Smart Charging avoids electricity costs incurred during peak hours.

Why charge with a Chargemaster charging station?

  • Chargemaster has the largest variety of charging options, meaning we have a solution for every electric car.
  • Chargemaster’s charging stations will allow you to charge up to 8 times faster than a regular domestic socket. All of our products come with a SDoC (supplier declaration of compliance), giving you assurance that it is suitable for use in New Zealand.
  • Avoid ‘range anxiety’ with confidence in knowing that you can leave your home each morning with a full battery. Having a trusted Chargemaster solution will guarantee you will always have a place to charge.

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