CP Link™ Software

CP Link™ subscriptions provide site hosts with ongoing operational support for charging infrastructure. We also work with our customers to develop flexible revenue models for the reimbursement of charging.

Our managed software solutions connect electric vehicle chargers to a cloud based platform. With an easy user interface, the platform provides information about the charging station, including usage states, real-time status, location, and specified charging rates.

We work with our clients to create custom reports on charging session data. Chargemaster has 24/7 customer support with a reputable action-tracking systems. We'll manage the phone calls and questions from drivers and tenants, no matter the time or location.
Control your EV Charger From Any Smart Phone

Use the certified CP Link™ mobile app to quickly and easily track energy use, set schedules and control your charge point. Save money on charging. Set schedules to take advantage of greener off-peak energy, and cheaper electricity rates.

Real-time data, 24/7

Chargemaster are certified to help with the commissioning of chargers with CP Link™ software capability, interpretation and analysis of live dashboard data, monitoring of chargers and identifying functionality issues. We make it as simple and straight forward as possible and are there to guide you through each step of the way.

Full visibility of your network.

The CP Link™ dashboard provides a simple and effective interface to manage your fleet as you scale. Charging session history, costs and user information can be easily exported into CSV reports.

What you can expect with Chargemaster?

Why businesses choose to use CP Link™.

Industry Leading App

With over 60,000+ users, and easily downloadable from iTunes and Google app stores, the Chargefoxapp is the easiest way for an EV driver to find your station.

Data Security

We take data security seriously, and have put in place additional measures to ensure privacy of data remains secure at all times.

Maps Integration

All our station locations are integrated with Google Maps as well as the in car navigation systems of more than 70% of vehicles.

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