New Zealand's Future in Electric Vehicle Charging

First published on 02/09/2021

Are you interested in the changing economics of transportation across New Zealand?

Of course you are! Meet Chargemaster: The Start-Up from New Zealand’s electric vehicle marketplace.

Do you want to find a credible partner in the changing economic of transportation across New Zealand?

Of course you do! A leader in the charging industry, Chargemaster is recognised as the voice bridging the gap between the old and the new in the transportation industry. By providing both vehicle charging hardware and software services, Chargemaster works with clients to develop charging solutions that are simple – yet effective.

Chargemaster's vision is to be part of the world's solutions, not the world's problem. By helping New Zealand's EV owners to charge efficiently at home, at work and on journeys around the country.

Our Mission: Expedite the global adoption of electric vehicle transportation in an effort to combat climate change across the globe. Won’t you join us in this mission?

We now know that New Zealand adopted the goal to decarbonise our economy by 2050 via the banning of petrol imports by 2035. Chargemaster leads this charge by educating people about the benefits of electric vehicles. 

Chargemaster aspires to lead the charging industry throughout New Zealand as more people – more people like you! – adopt this changing technology.

Chargemaster's charging management solutions. 

Working closely with our customers throughout 2021, Chargemaster aims to become a recognised charge point operator. By managing an entire fleet of charging stations from one user-interface, Chargemaster can generate reports detailing charging session history, cost, and user information. 

By offering a managed turn-key solution, Chargemaster ensures purchasing an electric vehicle charger is simple. Providing the experience in delivering an electric vehicle project, Chargemaster possesses the expertise required for both immediate and long term solutions for your electric vehicle charging needs.

Managing a project until completion, Chargemaster provides direct support to both installers and to our clientele. Working with reliable global brands, we provide professional installation for both residential and business use.