Charging Infrastructure Maintenance

All charging stations must comply with:

Charger Mode Standard Or Standard
Mode 2 IC-CPD IEC 62752, 61851-1 UL 2251
Mode 3 AC Charging IEC 61851, 61851-22
Mode 4 DC Charging IEC 61851-1, 61851-23

*Electrical charging standards may be added at a later date

Equipment Standard
RCD IEC 62423
Overload protection device IEC 60947-2, IEC 60947-6-2 or AS/NZS 61009-1 or relevant parts of AS/NZS 60898 series or IEC 60269
IC-CPD leads (all leads must be tested and tagged by the manufacturer to shows ratings of intended use) IEC 61851-1 in conjunction with IEC 62196-1 or UL 2202 or UL 2251
Connectors IEC 61851:2017 and other relevant standards governing either the EV plug or EV socket-outlet portions of the adaptor. They should be marked to indicate specific conditions of use allowed by manufacturer.

We recommended that all of our products are subject to annual inspection. The durability and integrity of our products will ensure they need minimal maintenance.

Annually we will inform you of regular inspections of the following:

  • Cables, leads and plugs.
  • RCDs and Over current devices.
  • Functional EV check.
  • Earth continuity protection.
  • Ensure compliance with the most up to date WorkSafe guidelines as something may have changed since the installation.

*All of our products are subject to different supplier warranties, contact us to find out more.